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                           We Strive to improve the playability and tone of electric and acoustic guitars


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Norm's Guitar Shop: My Sample Projects

Below are  small samples of some of projects we have completed

# 1: Restoration -1939 Epiphone Olympic Arch top

 Project # 1  Click here

# 2:  Bridge Restoration - Gibson J-50    

  Project # 2 Click here

# 3:  Restoration - 1964 Harmony Hollow Body   

   Project # 3  Click here

# 4: Restoration -  1954 Epiphone Zephyr Emperor Regent

  Project # 4  Click here

# 5 Repair Project – 1970’s Martin D-18

Project # 5 Click here

I Service, repair and restore - any Electric Guitar, any Acoustic Guitar,
and anything with frets and strings. Please feel free
 to visit my shop in Newington Connecticut